Alterations that Amaze

Sometimes you just don’t want to get rid of your favorite item of clothing and all it needs is a simple touch-up by our expert onsite tailors! We offer a range of alterations. With over thirty years of experience, our seamstress provides quality alteration services leaving each piece looking brand new again. Now you can continue to have even more moments and memories with your newly altered wardrobe.

You’ve Purchased a New Item but It Doesn’t Fit Quite Right

Depending on the fit of your clothing, or even your size, it can be a necessity to take clothes in to see a tailor. Not all clothes are one-size-fits-all and even if you purchased your size, the cut may not be as complimentary as you would like. That’s when one of our tailors can come in handy. Alterations aren’t just for garments with missing buttons, broken zippers, and tattered material, clothing alterations are also for new clothes that you’ve purchased but might need a sensible touch to make the clothes fit your body perfectly.


What We Can Do

  • Suits: We can make sure that your work attire looks tailored and perfect for business meetings and for your day at the office. Look sharp and be prepared for the boardroom!
  • Wedding Attire: A bride’s wedding dress or a groom’s suit needs to be fitted for their bodies. Buying clothes off the rack is fine, but having us alter those garments for your special day helps them look fresh and polished. This goes for the bridesmaids and groomsmen as well.
  • Older Garments: In fashion, trends come and go from one season to the next, but you don’t have to throw out the previous season’s wardrobe. Oftentimes, clothes can be altered to fit the current trend, which means instead of buying new clothes, you can have your current wardrobe altered to fit current trends.
  • Button/Zipper Repair: It’s common for a button to pop off or a zipper to break, particularly when you wear the clothing item on a regular basis. At London Cleaners we can fix this easily, finding a button that matches and adding it so no one can tell that it’s not the original button or zipper.
  • Drapery: You might’ve purchased the curtains that you love, but they could be a few inches too long. Not a problem! We can hem them to fit the desired area. Bring your curtains to us with the correct measurements and we can customize the drapery to fit the way you need them to.
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