Wet Cleaning

An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Dry Cleaning

Many of our customers are unaware that we use a process called wet cleaning to clean their clothes. Wet cleaning is a safe process that has been around for over 20 years and was mostly used in Europe. American dry cleaners have slowly started incorporating wet cleaning into their services. It is often thought of as an organic and alternative method to dry cleaning. The process involves the use of fresh water combined with non-harmful detergents that are also biodegradable. We use specific equipment that is safe to use on many types of fabrics as well as different types of clothing.

How Effective is Wet Cleaning?

Very! Of course, we always consider what the best method is for cleaning your garments, depending on the fabric, particular article of clothing, and the stains or dirt that need to be removed. However, our computer-controlled wet cleaning machines are gentle enough on even the most delicate clothing items, so you can trust that this method is just as safe for your clothes as dry cleaning. In fact, wet cleaning is even kinder to your clothes than hand washing! Not only is it a great alternative for your wardrobe, but it’s also effective at being eco-friendly since it doesn’t use toxic detergents. This alternative method is even comparably priced to our dry cleaning services!

Stop by today and drop off your clothes or even ask for our pickup and delivery services so your wardrobe can be wet cleaned. Our wet-cleaning system will have your clothes looking, feeling, and smelling great again!

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